Why Weldcraft?

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Weldcraft

Weldcraft Boats have been skillfully engineered and responsibly manufactured in Clarkston, Washington since 1968. As an honored brand of the Renaissance Marine Group Company, Weldcraft practices the same proven values that entrenched our brand as a respected leader since its humble beginnings. If you’re just getting acquainted with Weldcraft boats, here are some pretty good reasons to become a proud owner.

Being part of Renaissance Marine Group comes with a long list of competitive advantages. We’re a privately-owned, family company. We don’t have to answer to Wall Street or a multi-national, mega-conglomerate parent company. We answer to our customers. Boating is our passion. When we’re not on the job building the finest watercrafts, we’re on the water enjoying the freedom and adventure boating brings.
All Weldcraft dealers must meet stringent requirements in order to represent the brand. They, too, must place the needs of customers first. While many dealers would love to sell the Weldcraft brand on their lot, only a select few have the proven track record of customer service, local boating knowledge and expert service experience that we demand. Like you, our dealers are part of the Weldcraft family.
Renaissance Marine Group is the leading builder of heavy gauge, all-welded aluminum boats. In addition to Weldcraft, RMG also manufactures Duckworth and Northwest Boats. While the sales of each brand are restricted by dealer territory, service and support is not. More than 50 independent dealers throughout the United States, are authorized to service all RMG brands. This means Weldcraft owners are never far from an authorized service center. RMG is the only heavy-gauge welded aluminum boat builder that can offer this level of customer support… an enormously important benefit of Weldcraft ownership.
If your dream is to own a boat that’s built to fish better than any other, you want a Weldcraft. After all, Weldcraft boats are designed and built by anglers. In our office and on the factory floor, you’ll find walleye fanatics, steelhead specialists, bass professionals, trophy trout chasers and salmon slayers. This on-the-water expertise translates directly to the design and performance features we include on every model. While they are specialized, they are not restrictive. All Weldcraft models are multi-species machines that can adapt with minimal accessory changes.
When it comes to getting a boat tuned to your exact preferences, an all-welded, heavy-gauge aluminum Weldcraft, is far more flexible than any fiberglass or light gauge aluminum boat you can find. Our independent dealers are experts in helping you define the exact type, size and placement of desired features and accessories. We offer countless options for seating, top enclosures, gear storage, rod storage, safety, electronics and motor options. If you want it, chances are we can build it.
Let’s face it, the brand of motor you choose to power your Weldcraft is equally as important as the boat itself. In conjunction with our independent dealers, we’ll make recommendations based on your usage and budget, but we don’t dictate a specific brand. Weldcraft is a preferred OEM manufacturer for all major motor brands including Yamaha, Mercury, Honda, Suzuki and Evinrude. The choice is yours.
Welded for living. Welded for life. It’s more than a tag line. We transform heavy-gauge, marine-grade aluminum into flowing, all-welded designs, capable of navigating wandering rivers, heaving oceans or wind-whipped reservoirs. From massive box girder runners that are welded the entire length of the bottom to provide stout support, to extensive bow bracing that’s uncommonly rigid and tough, Weldcraft has a rock-solid infrastructure that serves as the foundation of every boat. Add premium components, hundreds of feet of welds, all-season materials and thoughtful ergonomics applied to every inch of every Weldcraft.
Weldcraft’s limited lifetime warranty reflects the commitment, construction and attention to detail Weldcraft is known for. It’s a tall standard but one we’re comfortable conveying. Weldcraft’s limited lifetime hull warranty is something we’ve been providing for decades. Thanks to thousands of customers who use their Weldcraft’s under some of the harshest conditions, we know how well these boats hold up. “Lifetime durable” isn’t just a fast phrase, it’s a mindset we embody every day at Weldcraft boats.
Protect your boating investment by purchasing a brand that has broad appeal, a well-known name and a long history. Weldcraft boats generate higher resale values than off-brands that lack the recognition and market appeal that Weldcraft wields. We’ve heard time and again from Weldcraft owners who have been pleasantly surprised by how well their Weldcraft held its’ value. Reduce your cost of ownership — buy Weldcraft
Clarkston, WA has long been known as one of the world’s great boat building centers and Weldcraft has been there from the beginning. Our leadership, family culture, and company values do, without question, attract the industry’s top talent. You’ll see it in our workmanship, in every contour of every Weldcraft… the trademark talent that goes into the boats we build. Quality’s no accident. It’s the product of master builders who painstakingly craft each and every boat.
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