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It All Started With a Better Idea And A Clean Sheet of Aluminum.

In 1968, in the small town of Clarkston, Washington, situated at the confluence of the formidable Snake and Clearwater Rivers, Weldcraft took on a monumental challenge. With sheer determination, ingenuity and a pioneering spirit, Weldcraft built a vessel as captivating and rugged as the rivers themselves. Combining the reliability of newly developed water propulsion jets with unrivaled strength of heavy-duty aluminum alloy, Weldcraft achieved a vessel that was capable of navigating the tumultuous whitewater rapids and shallow bars with confidence. The gateway for exploration was opened, and industry and privateers alike flocked to Weldcraft's doors with orders in hand.

Today, Weldcraft Marine Industries, Inc. manufactures and distributes through independent marine dealers a full line of boats from 18' to 30' and accommodates all sizes of modern outboard and inboard engines. If we can tackle the toughest the Snake River can dish out, Weldcraft is certainly capable of delivering a boat that exceeds your expectations.

Welded From bow to Stern, Port to Starboard, and Heart to Soul.

Life on the water is more fulfilling when you have the fully-welded craftsmanship of a Weldcraft beneath your feet. Our boats aren't meant to mold you into the status quo like the vast majority of fiberglass boats. They're not reliant on rivets, screws, or nuts and bolts that wear out in a short time. Weldcraft boats are meticulously, fluently, and artfully welded to offer unparalleled strength and unrivaled value that only pure marine grade aluminum can provide.

For Every Foot In Length, There's OVER Twenty Feet of Welding.

The 201 Weldcraft Maverick has nearly 400 feet of continuous welds. The 260 Cuddy King boasts over 700 feet. Why? Because they're designed and built to guarantee ultimate longevity. Structural engineering is at the heart of every Weldcraft. Decades ago, our commitment to build the industry's finest watercraft led us on a course far away from the traditional boat design and technology. Through innovative thinking, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and the dedication of highly skilled craftspeople, a revolutionary approach and keen understanding of form and function evolved. Achieving the Weldcraft form, hydrodynamic shape, and performance attributes we demand meant raising the standards. It meant scrutinizing every detail. It meant more time, material, and process be integrated into every boat. The results are blatantly evident in every Weldcraft on the water today and backed by a warranty that proves it.

Unlike most consumable goods in our throw-away society, welded aluminum exhibits the strength, reliability and weight reduction characteristics essential for long life. Weldcraft has elevated it to an art.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Weldcraft

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