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Intended Uses

Weldcraft built its reputation for rugged reliability and long lasting value by building heavy-duty welded aluminum jet boats designed to survive the white water rapids and shallow runs of the Snake River Hell's Canyon. Forty years later, Weldcraft continues to build the premier shallow water jet boats that provide you access to those remote spots you will never reach with a prop motor.

Over the years Weldcraft also introduced models designed for outboard prop engines and sterndrives and has a growing reputation for high performance outboard boats.

Today, Weldcraft offers your choice of boats designed for outboard props, outboard jet pumps and inboard jets. Choosing the right boat and the right power plant option is basically a process of matching your intended uses with the advantages of each boat design and power choice.

By focusing on what your major use situation will be, you can soon zero in on a boat and motor package that will suit you best.

Shallow water or whitewater - Inboard jet or outboard jet.

If running whitewater rivers or gaining access to the shallows of rivers and lakes is your primary use, look at the safety and flexibility of an inboard jet or outboard jet engine. Weldcraft offers a variety of boats designed for shallow water running with jet pumps:

  • Angler SE 17' for transom mounted outboard jets
  • Legacy 21' inboard jet
  • Renegade 18' inboard jet
  • Renegade Outboard (18' or 20') for transom mounted outboard jets
  • Sabre 20' Outboard for transom mounted outboard jets
  • Sabre 20' Inboard jet
  • Sabre XL Inboard jet (20' or 22')
  • Select Inboard jet (22' or 24')

Jet drives are also great to use in lakes, deeper rivers and coastal waters. No propellers to tangle with ropes or fishing lines, and no lower units to catch the occasional hidden rock or reef. Many people like the added safety of not having a prop setup when there are kids in the water around the boat.

Many people choose the efficiency and responsiveness of propeller driven boats - either from the traditional outboard propeller engine or an inboard stern drive engine.

In several models you can chose either a transom mounted outboard or the rugged Outback Bracket that moves the outboard two feet behind a full height transom. The Outback Bracket can be arranged for single or dual outboard configurations. Check out the Weldcraft model that fits your needs:

  • Maverick Outboard and Outback
  • Angler SE Outboard
  • Renegade Outboard and Outback
  • Sabre Outboard and Outback
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