So Shallow Minded, It Only Cares About Getting There First.

Challenge the limits of belief with this remarkably versatile inboard jet series. The Weldcraft Renegade fills a lot of serious-fishing niches. It nimbly navigates heaving whitewater, shallow riffles or sprawling reservoirs, lakes and bays. And it powers-up with the freshwater-cooled, catalyzed 5.7L MEFI-5, matched to an American Turbine SD-309 inboard pump or a 200 HP Optimax Sportjet. Either way you’ll have plenty of juice for river running, fishing, crabbing, skiing or cruising. The Renegade is even more thrilling to drive thanks to the stand- up steering console; the elevated view allows hazards to be seen and avoided. Discover the new standard in versatile boating with the Renegade. You’ll get a lot of boat that’s easy to own and easy to handle.

Optional 200HP Sportjet

For power at its most compact, the 200 OptiMax Sportjet offers Mercury’s award-winning, two-stroke Direct Injection fuel delivery system. OptiMax provides instant turnkey starting, no-smoke operation, plus outstanding fuel economy and superior power.

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