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Required after Submersion

After recovery, immediate service by an authorized Weldcraft dealer is required to prevent serious damage to power package.

Crankcase Oil - Inboard Models

To help obtain optimum engine performance and to provide maximum protection, we strongly recommend the use of a quality 4-cycle marine engine oil. If not available, a good grade, straight weight, detergent automotive oil of correct viscosity, with an api classification of sg/cd ii, may be used.

At ambient temperatures below 32° F. (0° C) sae 20w is advisable. In all cases a quality 4-cycle marine engine oil is preferred.

IMPORTANT: The use of non-detergent oils, multi-viscosity oils (other than 20w-40 or 20w-50), low quality oils or oils which contain solid additives specifically are not recommended.

Oil filter should always be changed with oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Trouble Shooting
    • High Water Temperature
    • Low Oil Pressure
    • Engine Will Not Turn Over
    • Engine Turns Off But Won't Start
    • Shifter Control Will Not Move
    • Steering Frozen
    • Fuel Gauge Not Working
    • Buzz Light Low Oil High Water Temperature
    • Engine Starts But Runs Rich
    • Engine Starts But Runs Rough
    • Engine Starts and Runs WIth Hesitation In Midrange
    • Engine Will Not Reach Top RPM
    • Volt Meter Reads Low Scale
    • Tachometer Reads Low Scale - Engine O.K.
    • Tachometer Sluggish or Inconsistent
    • Navigation Lights Don't Work
    • Bilge Blower Does Not Operate
  • Preparation
    • Education
    • U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
    • U.S. Power Squadron
    • Weather
    • Fueling
    • Boat Capacity
    • Boat Ramp Etiquette
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