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Aluminum Surfaces & Trim Maintenance

Polishing the sides (unpainted) and gunwales of the boat can be incorporated into your cleaning schedule.

A low abrasive aluminum polish may be used to keep the sides and gunwales polished. Weldcraft recommends, "Mothers Mag Wheel Polish, Flitz Metal Polish" or a comparable product.

If heavy water spotting occurs a heavy machine rubbing compound may be used on unpainted surfaces. The compound is applied to the hull, then finished by buffing with a high speed electric buffer on a soft wool pad. The high shine factory polish is then possible by finishing with mothers mag wheel polish on a clean new wool pad.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Trouble Shooting
    • High Water Temperature
    • Low Oil Pressure
    • Engine Will Not Turn Over
    • Engine Turns Off But Won't Start
    • Shifter Control Will Not Move
    • Steering Frozen
    • Fuel Gauge Not Working
    • Buzz Light Low Oil High Water Temperature
    • Engine Starts But Runs Rich
    • Engine Starts But Runs Rough
    • Engine Starts and Runs WIth Hesitation In Midrange
    • Engine Will Not Reach Top RPM
    • Volt Meter Reads Low Scale
    • Tachometer Reads Low Scale - Engine O.K.
    • Tachometer Sluggish or Inconsistent
    • Navigation Lights Don't Work
    • Bilge Blower Does Not Operate
  • Preparation
    • Education
    • U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
    • U.S. Power Squadron
    • Weather
    • Fueling
    • Boat Capacity
    • Boat Ramp Etiquette
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