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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Weldcraft

Weldcraft boats are something special. For decades they’ve tackled the planet’s fiercest rapids, tamed the open sea and been a platform for indelible memories, fellowship and fun. There’s a long tradition of excellence with Weldcraft and you’ll find it in every weld and every corner of every boat. If you’re just getting acquainted with Weldcraft boats here are some pretty good reasons to choose our brand.

One look at the bottom and you’ll know this is no ordinary welded aluminum boat. Weldcraft’s dramatic reverse chine, available on its’ outboard models, captures water, diverting it down so you achieve superior lift and performance. This bold reverse chine design improves stability, planing performance, minimum planing speed and acceleration. The end result is better control, a smoother ride and better fuel economy.
From the beautiful welding to our premium paint process, there are hundreds of fine details that add-up to make Weldcraft boats better than the rest. Take our proprietary cast intakes for our inboards, our unique gunwale design or trademark sidewalls. Each of these elements provides an important benefit you’ll enjoy every time you’re on the water. Our gunwales, for example, make excellent tread areas for getting in and out of the boat. They also provide a flat mounting surface for downriggers and other hardware. Our windshields are generously cut so you have a full, unobstructed view of the water ahead. Look at the walk-through space in our windshields, built tough with plenty of room to move freely from one end of the boat to the other.
Quality’s no accident. Weldcraft quality is the product of master builders who painstakingly craft each and every boat. The Snake River Valley’s long been known as one of the world’s great boat building centers and Weldcraft is a company that has been there from the beginning. Weldcraft attracts the top talent which equates into spectacular boats. You’ll see it in our welds, in every contour of every Weldcraft… the trademark talent that goes into the boats we build.
Weldcraft transforms heavy gauge plate aluminum into flowing all-welded designs capable of running savage whitewater, heaving oceans and wind-whipped reservoirs. From massive box girder runners that are welded the entire length of the bottom and provide stout support, to extensive bow bracing that’s uncommonly rigid and tough, Weldcraft has a rock solid infrastructure that’s at the foundation of every boat. Add to that premium components, hundreds of feet of weld, all-seasons flooring material and thoughtful engineering that’s applied to every inch of every Weldcraft. There’s a team that initiates every boat, analyzing every detail and understanding the applications these boats will be used in. We call it “Weldcraft construction” you’ll call it, “all-welded fun.”
It’s something you earn through thousands of customer experiences and countless miles of water. History is the difference between doing it right and wrong. Since 1968, Weldcraft has been tempting the limits of belief in crafting the world’s finest all-welded aluminum boats. These are boats designed to tackle the planet’s fiercest waters time and again providing a level of comfort and sureness that’s unchallenged. This level of excellence takes time… and history, history you’ll find from stem-to-stern in every Weldcraft boat. Weldcraft’s history is your assurance of unerring attention to detail and a keen understanding of what’s important in an all-seasons sport boat.
The running surface is a most critical element in any boat. It’s a careful combination of precise angles and a true, sturdy surface that combines to generate optimum performance… something every boater demands. The Delta Vee bottom Weldcraft’s developed provides the stability, planing performance and running surface necessary to achieve optimum performance at all speeds. It’s a unique but important difference that makes Weldcraft boats… a cut above the rest.
Tough, solid, one-piece extrusions bind the bottom and sides and are used in the most critical stress areas of every Weldcraft. The tongue-and-groove design of these extrusions hold plate aluminum sheets firmly in place which are then welded along with their length resulting in an ultra-durable bond. The keel strip, chine and, toe rail, all rely on these sturdy extrusions to add unrivaled strength and integrity to every Weldcraft boat.
Protect your boating investment by purchasing a brand that has broad appeal, a well known name and a long history. Weldcraft boats generate higher resale values than off-brands that lack the recognition and market appeal Weldcraft wields. We’ve heard time and again from Weldcraft owners who have been pleasantly surprised by how well their Weldcraft held its’ value. Reduce your cost of ownership — buy Weldcraft
Weldcraft’s limited lifetime warranty reflects the commitment, construction and attention to detail Weldcraft’s known for. It’s a tall standard but one we’re comfortable conveying. Weldcraft’s limited lifetime hull warranty is something we’ve been providing for decades. Thanks to thousands of customers who use their Weldcraft’s under some of the harshest conditions, we know how well these boats hold up. “Lifetime durable” isn’t just a fast phrase it’s a mindset we practice every day at Weldcraft boats.
Weldcraft’s parent company, Renaissance Marine Group (RMG), is the leading builder of heavy gauge all-welded aluminum boats. With dozens of dealers throughout the west and United States, RMG dealers are authorized to service any RMG brand. This means Weldcraft owners are never far from an authorized service center. RMG is the only heavy gauge welded aluminum boat builder that can offer this level of customer support… an enormously important benefit of Weldcraft ownership.
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